Eathan Janney (Co-host, Interviewer)
He’s explored the Edges of everything from music and art to science and entrepreneurship for his entire adult life. He holds a undergraduate degree in Music, a Ph.D. in neuroscience, and enjoys combining all sorts of other things that don’t intuitively go together but should.

Jeff Kelley (Co-host, Interviewer)
Serial entrepreneur, investor, and creator enamored with the Edges of technology and society that push us to new heights. Sports - Yes. Entertainment - Yes. Collectibles - Yes. Crypto - Yes. NFTs - Hell yes! Army Veteran and Yale MBA with a knack for improv when the moment calls for it.

Joshua Kriger (Newscaster)
Serial entrepreneur from Boston now staying warm in SoCal who has launched and consulted with businesses across a variety of industries (food, fashion, art, and entertainment). He’s dabbled and then some with data analytics/visualization and marketplaces. Enjoys sports games and funky art with a message.

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